Friendly reminder: Last chance to buy a discounted Xbox One bundle

Ends January 3

Now that all the gift-giving and present-receiving is done, do you have some extra cash lying around? If so and an Xbox One’s in your near future, you might want to buy that sooner rather than later. Waiting will just cost you (at least) an extra $50.

January 3 is the last day of Microsoft’s $350 Xbox One bundle deal — a promotion that’s been in effect since early November. The beginning of next week will mark the console returning to its original $400 (or $500 with Kinect) price point.

Despite a two-month discount leading many to believe the Xbox One would be permanently price-slashed, Microsoft hasn’t shown any indication that this is the case. In fact, it recently posted its own PSA on Xbox Wire warning of the imminent return to original price.

Although there isn’t much time left, several retailers have decent deals happening now. The best is probably Newegg’s Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle, as it comes with an extra controller and a year of Xbox Live Gold for $350. Elsewhere, several stores such as Amazon and Best Buy offer a $50 gift card with the bundle.

(Thanks for the NewEgg tip, Captain ‘Merica!)

Brett Makedonski
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