Friday Night Fights: Post-Halloween edition

Halloween may be over, but that’s not about to stop me from posting icky images and it certainly shouldn’t stop you from having a fun time tonight with a little help from Friday Night Fights. FNF will kick start at 10:00 p.m. EST and we’ll be playing a slew of great multiplayer games as usual.

With Guitar Hero III finally released, you better believe that we’ll be playing it tonight. In addition to Halo 3 and a few other games, there will also be Dtoid servers for Warhawk and Team Fortress 2 PC. More specific info on that can be found after the break.

If you’re down for a night of pure epicness with your pals from Destructoid, please post your gamertag/friend code/game ID and the games you want to play (also post the system if it’s a mutliplatform game).


  • Team Fortress 2
    Host GT
    : Bfeld13
  • Halo 3
    Host GT
    : Snaileb
  • Guitar Hero III
  • Bomberman Live


  • Warhawk
    Server name
    Password: TOID
    Start time: 7ish eastern
  • Need to satisfy your itch for hawks, cawks, and war? Then go try Wednesday Night WarCawks


  • Mario Strikers Charged


  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


  • Team Fortress 2
    Dtoid Steam community
    Server name: Destructoid – TF2 Fun Zone
    Pass: None at the Moment
  • Unreal Tournament 3 demo

[Editor’s note: Tonight’s Friday Night Fights was made possible by Snaileb (the “eb” comes from EB Games), bhive01, BlindesideDork, CaffeinePowered, and itemforty. You guys are totally super radical!

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