Friday Night Fights: Killzone 3 edition

Well, there were two highly anticipated game releases this week: Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm. That means lots of opportunities for Friday Night Fight games! First, we have Killzone 3. Not only did the game get a perfect score from Jim Sterling, due in large part to its multiplayer, but we also have a hilariously awesome unboxing video for you to watch.

Second, Bulletstorm is a game that has had much controversy even before its release. Max Scoville did not shy away from how he felt about the game, which features interestingly named skill shots and tons of violent ways to score points. This game also did not fail to disappoint our editorial staff with our review.

A personal favorite, Marvel vs Capcom 3, is still in the game rotation as well! My team of Morrigan/Spencer/Wesker is starting to get godlike … just ask any of the guys on the chat about how “legit pro” my skills have become. So, if you want to start training on this game to try to take me out, I suggest you begin by practicing with the Dtoid FNF community!

For a list of this week’s community hosts and games, make sure to check the post below!

New to FNF? Read this: Each week, a bunch of Destructoid readers and usually an editor or two get together to play some videogames online. Basically, this is what Friday Night Fights are all about.

The planning for FNF takes place in the forums, where community members volunteer to host by posting their information (gamertag, time to meet up, game, etc.) in the forum post corresponding to the system they’re interested in playing on.

Then, every Friday, reminder posts for those who don’t read the forums regularly go up in the community blogs section all thanks to a dedicated group of cool individuals. And for everyone who wants their info all in one place, they have got my weekly recap posts to look forward to between 4:30 – 5:30 PM EST.

Now that you’re here, just scan the list below and find a game you want to play. All that’s left to do after that is to join the match by contacting the host below using any means necessary. For Wii, you might have to be a little creative, but for 360/PS3 a simple “invite me” message will be fine.

The names on the left are our Destructoid handles, while the ones on the right are our online handles (PSN IDs, for example). Don’t see a game you want to play? Feel free to post a comment offering to take up hosting duties yourself.


Tonight’s Hosts:

  • Platform: PC/Mac, Steam
    Game: Whatever you can get people to play. Steamtoid is a fun hangout
    People: Join the Steam group to find us!
    Time: Anytime. All of the time.
  • Platform: Xbox 360
    Game: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
    People: Death by Lumber (AngelEchoes), Panchromatic (panchromatic)
    Time: 21.00 CEST | 20.00 GMT | 15.00 EST
  • Platform: Xbox 360
    Game: Halo: Reach
    People: Tarvu (The Kinky Ninja)
    Time: 21.00 CEST | 20.00 GMT | 15.00 EST

FNF 360

Tonight’s Hosts (more info from SephirothX):

  • Game: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    Host: Arch649 (GT: Archers Voice)
    Time: 8:00PM EST
  • Game: Bulletstorm
    Host: mrandydixon (GT: Mr Andy Dixon)
    Time: 9:00PM EST
  • Game: Halo: Reach
    Host: knutaf (GT: knutaf)
    Time: 8:30PM EST
  • Game: Left 4 Dead 2
    Host:  Blasto (GT: Blastopotamus)
    Time: 8: 00PM CST
  • Game: Marvel vs Capcom 3
    Host: JT Murphy (GT: JT on WNES)
    Time: 9:00PM EST
  • Game: Monday Night Combat
    Host: ScottyG (GT: ScottyGrayskull)
    Time: 9:00PM EST


Tonight’s Hosts (more info from Trev):

  • Game: Super Street Fighter IV
    Host: Daxelman (PSN: Daxelman)
    Time: 8:00PM EST
  • Game: MAG
    Host: Byronic Man (PSN:Tsukanda)
    Time: 9:00PM EST
  • Game: Killzone 3
    Host: Lenigod (PSN: lenigod)
    Time: 11:00PM EST

PC FNF       
If you want to find people to play with, check out the Steam chat below:

The Steam group

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