Friday Night Fights: Gotta catch em all

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Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to take a few minutes this week and highlight a couple of Dtoid members who have have taken to the Destructoid community full force and started the Official Destructoid Pokemon Community Member Community! Wow, that’s quite the mouthful eh?

Agidyne64 and Oceanicus are both very active Pokemon players and they wanted to share their love of the game with everyone (I believe they also wanted to score some rare Pokemon by trading but that’s a whole ‘nother story altogether). The member base right now stands at over 40 Destructoid community members and keeps growing. If you’re a Pokemon fan who has been looking for others to play with, look no further.

Both Agidyne and Ocanicus have decided to take their love of the game to the next level, at the end of the month, they will be hosting their first official Pokemon X & Y tournament. Now’s your chance, to show the rest of the world (well, the rest of us anyway) how awesome a trainer you are and how mighty your Pokemon have grown!

Thanks again to not only Agiyne64 and Oceanicus for putting this community together, but to all the members who have joined and eventually will join. All of you are the reason why Destructoid has the best community out there!

Now let’s get to the games!

Friday Night Fights

New to FNF? Read this! Each week, a bunch of us Dtoiders get together to play videogames online! It’s a 100% community-run event, so feel free to join in or even host something yourself!

The planning for FNF starts in the forums, where community members sign up to host matches and post their pertinent details (game, time, Gamertag, etc.). Then, every Friday, reminder posts go up in the community blogs thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, and I recap it all here on the front page to give it a bit more exposure.

To join in, simply send a friend request to the match host! If you’d rather host something yourself, sound off in the comments section below!

360 FNF

Tonight’s Games:

    • Batman: Arkham Origins
      Host: SuperMonk4Ever (GT: SuperMonk4Ever)
      Time: 5 Pacific | 8 Eastern

        Check out the Xbox FNF blog for more info!

        PS3 FNF

        Tonight’s Games:

        • Dragon’s Crown
          Host: NeoShinGundam (PSN: NeoShinGundam)
          Time 7 Pacific | 10 Eastern
        • Grand Theft Auto Online
          Host: Trev (PSN: ElZilcho)
          Time 8 Pacific | 11  Eastern

              Check out the PS FNF blog for more info!

              PS3 FNF

              Tonight’s Games:

              • Soul Sacrifice 
                Host: CornflakeJustice (PSN: CornflakeJustice)
                Time: 6:30 Pacific | 9:30 Eastern

              Check out the PS FNF blog for more info!

              Wii U FNF

              Tonight’s Games:

              • We’ve known each other for so long, your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it
                Host: Inside we both know what’s been going on
                Time: We know the game and we’re gonna play it

              Check out the Nintendo FNF blog for more info!

              3DS FNF

              Tonight’s Games:

              • Words are few I have spoken I could waste a thousand years
                Host: Wrapped in sorrow words are token.
                Time: Come inside and catch my tears.

                Check out the Nintendo FNF blog for more info!

                PC FNF

                Tonight’s Games:

                  • Street Fighter x Tekken
                    Host: Swishiee (Steam ID: Swishiee)
                    Time: 4 Pacific | 7 Eastern
                  • Team Fortress 2 (early game)
                    Time: 5 Pacific | 8 Eastern
                  • Team Fortress 2 (late game)
                    Time: 9 Pacific | 12 Eastern

                    Check out the PC FNF blog for more info!

                    Weekend Warriors

                    Free this weekend? Why not sign up to host something for Weekend Warriors?! It’s like Friday Night Fights all weekend long! Sign up in the comments or Forum thread if you’re interested!


                    • There is freedom within, there is freedom without 
                      Host: Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
                      Time: There’s a battle ahead, many battles are lost.


                    • We had it all, Just like Bogie and Bacall
                      Host: Starring in our old late, late show
                      Time: Sailing away to Key Largo

                    Check out the Weekend Warriors thread for more info!


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