Friday Night Fights: Bloody High Claw!!

We got sent this pretty awesome video made by JJ (Double J) for all Street Fighter fans, but especially for all you Vega players. This song makes me want to learn how to play Vega, just so I can blast this song while playing online. Can I request a song for my pink T. Hawk now? RAGING TYPHOON!

If this song has you in the mood to play Super Street Fighter IV or Marvel vs Capcom 3, or a variety of sports games, don’t forget we have a new system in place which allows you to challenge other Dtoiders for points at! We have a new contest coming very soon, so you should definitely check it out!

The Destructoid community has also organized a wide variety of games for this week’s Friday Night Fights. FNF’s are a long standing tradition here at Destructoid, so if you’ve never taken part, now is a good time to start! Check below for a full list of the games and community hosts!

New to FNF? Read this: Each week, a bunch of Destructoid readers and usually an editor or two get together to play some videogames online. Basically, this is what Friday Night Fights are all about.

The planning for FNF takes place in the forums, where community members volunteer to host by posting their information (gamertag, time to meet up, game, etc.) in the forum post corresponding to the system they’re interested in playing on.

Then, every Friday, reminder posts for those who don’t read the forums regularly go up in the community blogs section all thanks to a dedicated group of cool individuals. And for everyone who wants their info all in one place, they have got my weekly recap posts to look forward to between 4:30 – 5:30 PM EST.

Now that you’re here, just scan the list below and find a game you want to play. All that’s left to do after that is to join the match by contacting the host below using any means necessary. For Wii, you might have to be a little creative, but for 360/PS3 a simple “invite me” message will be fine.

The names on the left are our Destructoid handles, while the ones on the right are our online handles (PSN IDs, for example). Don’t see a game you want to play? Feel free to post a comment offering to take up hosting duties yourself.


Tonight’s Hosts:

  • Platform: PC
    Game: Minecraft (hop on Steamtoid chat for details!)
    People: Awesomeist, DeathByLumber, legion189, Mighty_Hatman, Tarvu
    Time: Until midnight
  • Platform: Xbox 360
    Game: Halo: Reach
    People: Gamertags: Tarvu, The Kinky Ninja, Mighty Hatman, Jimmy1098577, Doctor Scroll
    Time: 21.15 CET | 20.10 BST | 15.10 EST

FNF 360

Tonight’s Hosts (more info from SephirothX):

  • Game: Halo: Reach
    Host: xOatmealNinjaxX (GT: xOatmealNinjaxX)
    Time: 6:30PM EDT
  • Game: Left 4 Dead 2
    Host: garethxxgod (GT: garethxxgod)
    Time: 7:00PM EDT
  • Game: You Don’t Know Jack
    Host: power-glove (GT: P0WER GL0VE (Zero’s, not O’s))
    Time: 8:00PM EDT
  • Game: Gears of War 2
    Host: GaminginPublic (GT: GoodPostureClub)
    Time: 9:00pm EDT
  • Game: Super Street Fighter 4, Section 8: Prejudice
    Host: Epic-KxDtoid (GT: Epic KxLIVE)
    Time: 10:00PM EDT


Tonight’s Hosts:

  • Game: Mortal Kombat
    Host: SephirothX (PSN: SephirothDZX)
    Time: 8:00PM EDT
  • Game: Killzone 3
    Host: Trev (PSN: ElZilcho)
    Time: 9:00PM EDT
  • Game: MAG
    Host: Elsa (PSN: Elsa)
    Time: 10:00PM EDT
  • Game: SOCOM 4
    Host: Lenigod (PSN: Lenigod)
    Time: 10:00PM EDT
  • Game: Resistance 2 Co-op
    Host: Mr. Gobbldigook (PSN: goodapollo222)
    Time: 10:30PM EDT

PC FNF       
If you want to find people to play with, check out the Steam chat below:

The Steam group

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