Friday Comic Intermission: Cartridge Comics

Cartridge Comics started up on August of 2005 and is easily one of my favorite comics to read. The team behind the comic are Chris Jeffery and Alexandria Nassopoulos. Cartridge takes on video game culture as well as ripping into pop culture. I know they aren’t a 100% video game comic, but with jokes like these, they definitely deserved to be spotlighted.

Cartridge dives into the random a lot but they also have developing story arcs for a few of their popular characters. One of the popular characters, Jerry, is a massive drug addict. That sounds bad right? Well, without Jerry, we never would have had any Mario games. Actually, a majority of the old school classics wouldn’t have come out if it wasn’t for him (Come on, you know that is how these games were really made). Another popular character they have developed is Emo-Spider. Emo-Spider has really blown up thanks in part to that Spider-man 3 trailer. He even has a Mypace for crying out loud! There are plenty of more characters for you to check out at the site. While you’re at it, add them on their Myspace as well.

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