Freshly harvested: Rune Factory 2 videos and character art

At E3 earlier this year, we came back with details on Natsume’s Rune Factory 2, the part life sim part role-playing game that has roots in the Harvest Moon universe. Now that we’re closer to their “end of the year” release date, Natsume has sent us new videos and character art for Rune Factory 2.

The game play video above shows that players still have to tend to the farm, but they also have to save the kingdom and raise a family at the same time. The bulk of the video shows intense farming action, but after about a minute in, you’ll start to see some battle game play. The video with a brawl against a huge horned snail thing.

The introduction videos after the jump both shower viewers with anime cutscenes and j-pop-ish music, and the gallery below has new character art, including my new favorite animal: the buffamoo.

The first Rune Factory was good times. Are you interested in this sequel?

Dale North