Fresh screens for The Last Remnant: Ugly fish men want to snog you

After the crushing disappointment that was Infinite Undiscovery, I really am in desperate need to fill the JRPG hole left in my life — and so far Square Enix isn’t helping. The JRPG behemoth has another chance to get our attention this year, with The Last Remant, due for 360, PS3 and PC in November. Have some screens.

As is typical of Squeenix wares, it’s all looking very pretty, but I am definitely more skeptical after being burned by Undiscovery. At least the stink of tri-Ace isn’t all over this one, and it is going for a simultaneous release date in the three big territories, continuing Square Enix’s strategy of eschewing the long waiting times that other Japanese publishers love to inflict on Europe. That deserves respect.

Plus, any game with a hideous eye-patch wearing fish man requires my attention.

James Stephanie Sterling