Free App of the Day: 100 Rogues AND Push Panic

I’ve had a ton of tips about this one. I was saving it for its last day as a freebie so I’d have guaranteed content all week, like a squirrel hoarding his nuts. Today is the day, so grab 100 Rogues and also pay heed to a second bonus freebie, Push Panic!

“Roguelike” games aren’t generally my cup of tea, save for a few exceptions. 100 Rogues is one of those exceptions, with its unique character, fun visuals and solid gameplay. It’s a damn high profile game that is worth paying for, so getting it for free it beyond a bargain. 

Push Panic, meanwhile, is a really good “risk vs. reward” puzzle game in which you tap colored blocks as quickly as possible and delete them for combos. It’s simple but a lot of fun and most certainly requires you to snap it up while you can. 

That’s two great Apps for the price of none. You are an idiot if you don’t get them.

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James Stephanie Sterling