Fox News talks Fat Princess: Terrible fat jokes ahoy

Fox News “researchers” clearly read videogame blogs, because there’s no other way those guys would have found out about the Fat Princess “controversy” and the pretend feminists who stomped their trotters and moaned about it. If you think Fox News would use “this silly videogame,” as they put it, to continue the station’s long-standing grudge against gaming, you’d be wrong. After all, a chance to mock those dirty left-wing feminists is going to rank higher on Fox’s agenda, and as the above clip demonstrates, they took that chance in both clumsy hands.

Fox tackles the Fat Princess absurdity in typical fashion, with plenty of “wacky” banter and retarded fat jokes. The airheaded bint they have on probably sums it up best of all, however: “She’s a fat princess. It happens.”

Yep. It suuuuure does!

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