Fox News proves that braggarts finish last (sometimes)

I’ve been gaming since the reign of Atari, and I’ve probably done some thoughtless things along the way. However, not once did I ever have the urge to call one of my buddies late at night to brag about my exploits. Judging by this story on Fox News, someone else could’ve put some more thought into their own nocturnal ramblings.

As the story goes, some guy playing an unnamed Xbox 360 game had just accomplished whatever it was that he was looking to do, and decided to let his friends know about it. Unfortunately for him, the victory proved to be short-lived. As luck would have it, the person on the other end of the line was a stranger, who became alarmed at some nut screaming “I killed them all!” through the telly.

Needless to say, the police were quickly dispatched to his residence, where irony soon took over. You see, he was referring to a game, so no crime had transpired. However, a quick background search turned up that the guy in question was wanted for an outstanding warrant for failing to show up for court on a cocaine possession charge — of over 5 years! I could comment further, but I think Sgt. Lewis of the Louisiana police said it best:

It was weird the way this all came down. This isn’t something you could just make up.”

Moral of the story guys: keep on busting those heads on Live like you’ve always done, but stick with the achievements Microsoft gave you. They speak for themselves. Also, warrants.

[Thanks, Justin!]