Four community maps just made Dying Light a litle bigger

The content just keeps coming

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition was a fantastic expansion. I’m already eager to jump back in and start grinding away at my Legendary levels so I can be the best zombie-dropkicker in Harran. Four new community maps have been officially added to the game, so now I have another excuse to boot the game up.

Under the City is a “choice-based horror story,” and Climb Down is an “arcade-style parkour experience” that looks like a combination of Metal Gear‘s VR missions and Mirror’s Edge‘s time trials. The Hunter is a “survival quest in a horde-infested forest,” and TeeVee is a “visual nightmare best experienced in the dark.” I quite like the idea of tonally different maps jumping from genre to genre. These are all available in the most recent update, and also come with various bug fixes, stability improvements, and balance tweaks.

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