Forza Horizon reaches ‘end of life’ status, will soon be delisted

Delist her? I hardly knew her!

[Thanks to user Rabite for the tip]

Forza Horizon 3 will be releasing next week and the original Forza Horizon was recently added to Xbox One backward compatibility. Everything seems to be going swell for the spin-off series. There comes a time, though, when we need to part ways; it looks like Turn 10 has decided to put the forerunner out to pasture.

As noted in the Forza Hub, Forza Horizon will be getting delisted from the Xbox Live Marketplace soon. This includes the digital sale of the game and all of its expansions. If you have any interest in getting a digital version of this title, you have until October 20 to grab it.

Horizon was featured in this month’s Games with Gold promotion, though its time in the spotlight ended a few weeks ago. This isn’t as dramatic a case as with Castle of Illusion, but I find it so strange how Microsoft works to add a game to backward compatibility and then stops selling the title.

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Peter Glagowski
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