Forspoken story DLC In Tanta We Trust arrives in May

Expanding the world of Forspoken

Square Enix’s Forspoken is getting a little more story. The special story DLC “In Tanta We Trust” arrives for Forspoken on PS5 and PC on May 26.

The DLC will dive into the world of Athia and its past, before the events of the main game. As Square Enix describes it, this DLC will show the battle that drove the Tantas to madness.

The DLC will be up for purchase on May 26, and will also be available for owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition of Forspoken. If you got that version, you’ll also get a few days’ early access to the DLC.

A new view of Athia

Forspoken was one of the first big games of 2023, and received a fairly lukewarm reception. In our own look at the game, it seems like Forspoken plays it safe in many areas, but does have some neat visuals and cool concept for its combat.

Still, that’s not always enough to save a game from the fallout. Square Enix announced that Luminous Productions, after launching Forspoken, is being absorbed into Square Enix. The publisher also characterized sales of Forspoken as “lackluster,” and review of it were “challenging.”

Meanwhile, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda confirmed he’s stepping down in June, with current company director Takashi Kiryu stepping up pending shareholder approval. It’s a season of change for Square Enix, as some games miss marks and leadership shifts around, following a year where the company sold off some big studios.

The Forspoken story DLC In Tanta We Trust will drop for PS5 and PC on May 26.

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