Former XNA manager worried about the quality of Community Games

When we told you about Microsoft’s new user publishing model, Xbox LIVE Community Games, some of you were quick to look past the dollar signs and possibilities. A few of you expressed concern that this new model could have us buried under low quality games. 

Destructoid community member Tubatic commented, “This seems interesting, though I fear the end result being many very bad games floating around for 200 points that don’t offer much beyond the demo.”  Salty Soil adds: “I doubt the ‘rigorous peer-review system’ would only cut the cream of the crop, but at least I appreciate the attempt to filter out crap.”

Apparently former XNA community manager David Weller shares this concern.

“Being an ex-XNA member, I can still say, without a shadow of doubt, that Microsoft is offering a groundbreaking game channel, and that some people stand a chance to make great money from the system,” he said in his blog.

“But the danger for consumers lies in Microsoft’s deliberate steps to avoid discussions regarding game quality, even during peer review. I firmly believe that avoiding commentary/ratings on game quality will result in frustrated consumers, who will have no way to discern the quality of a game among (ultimately) thousands.”

Of course, current XNA boss Chris Satchell isn’t as worried.

“I really believe that, given the right tools, the community will step up and police itself. When you look at strong communities there is always a core that will work really hard to make sure community standards are maintained,” he explained. 

I think our very own HarassmentPanda makes an interesting point: “Let’s be honest, if a good chunk of the games on Live Arcade now had to go through peer review, they never would have seen the light of day.”

Are you worried about drowning in a sea of crap games?

[Via GamesIndustry]

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