Forget Castle Crashers DLC, there are new clothes for your Avatar available!

Yeah, the downloadable content for The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers is available today, and it’s neat. But is it going to impress the ladies? Will it turn the heads of that cutie-patootie guy you’ve had your eye on? 

Short answer? No. But these new bits of clothing for your Avatar will! They include:

Female Clothing

  • Tops – Lavender Polo Shirt, Hacking Jacking
  • Bottoms – Chinos with Belt
  • Shoes – Scarlet Pumps, Rainy Day Boots

Male Clothing

  • Tops – Striped Polo Shirt, Open Neck Cardigan, Checked Jacket With Polo, Striped Jacket with Polo
  • Bottoms – Embroidered Pants
  • Dress Up – Suspenders with High Pants

As usual, this stuff is all free, because even Microsoft knows you wouldn’t pay for this crap.

[Via 360 Sync]

Nick Chester