Fond memories with the Destructoid community at PAX Prime

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I can easily say that PAX Prime 2010 was Destructoid’s best PAX yet. There were more games, events and more importantly, more community this year than ever before. Dtoiders from all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia descended upon Seattle Washington to celebrate all things geeky and hang out with their fellow Dtoiders for an entire weekend.

Like previous years, tons of pictures were taken and a number of blogs were written detailing their experience at PAX Prime 2010. See what you missed out on and maybe next year you’ll actually join in on the fun at PAX East or PAX Prime!

The super awesome Alex was one of the first people attending PAX to write up some blogs. He even did some Podcasts on the LAPD podcast. Two of them in fact! And here’s his adopted avatar story.

Elsa is a real person! She and her husband came to the big show and brought along some adopted avatars too!

RobotBebop had a great time at PAX. Check out his pictures and see just how freaking awesome The Protomen are live. Bebop also brought Beyamor with him to PAX.

Bowtie Cat! Toneman’s PAX highlight was finding a very drunk Adam Sessler.

LK404 wrote a number of blogs and thinks Niero is a pretty super cool dude.

TonicBH was able to capture Mr. Destructoid squaring off against Cardboard Tube Samurai.

Yorda enjoyed PAX and makes good drawings!

You want a huge recap? Then check out Dexter345’s detailed blog of the epic weekend. Check out Dexter’s top ten of the show too.

Tactix was instrumental in helping make PAX a great time for the Destructoid community. Taxtic also brought along xzyliac with him!

Tons of pictures and recap from the one and only Kraid.

The happiest person and best drunk ever was easily Solgrim, as told by Alakaiser.

The adopt an avatar program was bigger this year than ever. knutaf brought along SteezyXL with him on his trip.

Ion Ray blurryly remembers his time at PAX.

Sadly, megastryke and GamesAreArt couldn’t make PAX, but good old Qalamari took their avatars for a wild ride at the show.

Stickers! bushofghosts made some Dtoid themed stickers for the Dtoid community!

Jim Sterling had an epic awesome time at PAX EVEN THOUGH HE REALLY HATES YOU ALL AND EVERYTHING FUN.

ScottyG freaking road-tripped from the other side of the country to make all this awesomeness happen.

CrimeMinister’s adopted family was all over the show.

Sean Carey and wife took care of a baby with them on their trip at PAX.

Fame Designer got into a freaking fight!

Thanks again for everyone that came out and thanks to the great folks at Rock Bottom for amazing service on the last day of PAX. Special thanks also goes out to ASTRO Gaming and Ignition Entertainment for the prizes during our Destructoid LIVE! panel and the folks at Half Brick for the Mr. Destructoid buttons they made as part of their Raskulls swag.

Check out the Destructoid Flickr for hundreds of more pictures from PAX not included in this post.

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