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PAX 2010: Megastryke and GamesAreArt's mystical journey

I'm not sure why, but I've been having a terrible time trying to get this blog written. Maybe it's the fact that I haven't done a non-recap blog since February (Lord, has it been that long?). Maybe it's the mental block, knowing that once my post is done, PAX will be well and truly over to me for another year. I suspect it's some combination of the two, but no amount of procrastination will allow me to turn back time; if anything quite the reverse is true.

This might be one of those situations where words aren't necessary, though. Well, maybe not so many words as I usually use. This will be a photo-heavy blog, so be fairly warned, Slowskys.

The choice of whose avatar to take with me to PAX was complicated, and required deliberation over several factors. OK, maybe not several, but a couple. Ok. One. One factor each. You happy now?

Tony Ponce (AKA Megastryke) made a truly amazing blog earlier this year wherein he took to PAX east the avatars of both myself and the lovely Beyamor (and I am justified in saying lovely, for reasons that might best go unspoken). For this reason, he was an obvious choice to bring along.

GamesAreArt is a little trickier to pin down. It was clear from this tweet that he desperately wanted someone to take him along, but was too cool to ask for it directly.

I can respect that. Also, he's a fellow recapper and general stand-up gentleman, as far as I can tell. Also also, his avatar is adorable.

We began our journey at the asscrack of dawn. (Alternate nomenclature: the taint of time.) I am no stranger to being awake at 4:00 in the morning, but I generally approach it as a good time to start thinking about going to bed rather than beginning my day. It is for this reason that I have very little to show on the way to Seattle.

Here you can see GamesAreArt by the windowzzzzzzzz...

When we finally did get off the ground, we launched in tandem with this Virginal plane. I certainly wouldn't make any jokes about that.

I've been to PAX for four years running now but I still don't know exactly how to describe the feeling you get knowing you're surrounded by literally thousands of like-minded people. It's lovely to have one weekend a year where geekiness is an asset rather than a liability.

Swag bag in hand and shell on head, the three of us went off exploring the show floor. The first thing to catch our eyes was this ugly customer. I certainly wouldn't want to run afoul of him, but my 2-dimensional compatriots were much braver. I believe I heard GamesAreArt threatening to give him a paper cut should he try anything funny.

The boys were impressed by this life-size TRON lightcycle, but both were too polite to deny the other the honor of the first ride. In the end, neither of them ended up on it.

Telltale had a pretty strong showing, promoting their upcoming Back to the Future game all over the place.

The boys had less trouble deciding who would get to try out Doc Brown's custom DeLorean. Sadly, the car had a speed-regulating throttle and could not be driven faster than 87 MPH.

It's hard to get angry when you're at PAX, even when a giant sign tells you to. GamesAreArt is an iconoclast, and he does a headstand just to tell the Man he won't be havin' any of that, thank you very much.

Tired by this acrobatic display, the lads decided to take a rest by this oddly-shaped pile of rocks.

But wait! That's no ordinary pile of rocks! In fact, it almost looks like...

A D-d-d-d-d-DINOSAUR? And it seems to be emanating a high amount of radiation! Holy eff, guys, let's get out of here right now!

Having left the show floor, it was time to meet up with some of our fellows. Like, about 200 of them, by my estimation. Our first attempt was very nearly lost to the ages thanks to an Enforcer who clearly liked the smell of his own farts. Still, you can see me and my charges over on the left hand side, near the middle.

Since we weren't sure the first photo had been taken (seriously, that guy was a jackass) we all moved outside. I hope I didn't block anyone with the guys, but you can see us up near the front and center. Behind Funky and DOMO, if that helps.

It was a little chaotic, but I think I gave my charges equal representation, at least.

After the big group picture, it was time to get some more, shall we say intimate photos. First up was the picture reserved for Cblog Recappers. Both of the guys qualified, so they demanded to be included.

Before everyone went their separate ways, we managed to get some pictures with several of the editors.
CrimeMinister and I double-teamed Chad for this shot. GamesAreArt and MegaStryke were happy to share Chad with UsedTabe, Manic Maverick, and LawofThermalDynamics. Chad looks happy too, but you never know with Chad. It's kinda like this.

After the sunniness that is Chad, we cleansed our palate with the abrasiveness you can only get from one James Tiberius Sterling, in full Jimquisition regalia.

Dale North and Conrad Zimmerman were surprised to learn that they both had a twin in another part of the country.

Jonathan Holmes recently mugged Zoey for her sweatshirt, but he took a couple of moments to pose with both of my boys.

Speaking of mugging... this picture is definitely one of my favorites.

What kind of person would I be if I went to PAX and didn't get a picture of our benevolent robot dictator? A lousy one. And I am. But I did manage a picture of the man behind the helmet, at least.

I managed to catch former editor Anthony Burch and his lovely wife just after the Gametrailers panel. Funny thing-- Papa Burch was standing right next to them, but he doesn't appear in my picture. My only theory is that the density of his awesomeness bent the light around him, preventing him from leaving a trace in my photographs.

Mikey and Stella were at the Gametrailers panel, too. So cute!

Much later, we caught up with the rest of Destructoid at the Rock Bottom Bar, and here I got a few shots with various members of the community. First up, I caught a shark.

A rather hairy shark, as sharks go.

Elsa was a little camera shy, so I promised I'd make some slight alterations to her photo. Nothing major, not in the least! Frankly, I cannot imagine why she'd want to cover up that face, as she is a damned handsome woman.

I got one more group shot with Funky, Tactix and JohnnyViral, and all of our adopted avatars. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Xzyliac is a very pretty girl.

ScottyG and WalkYourPath (originator of the Adopt-an-avatar program) shared an adult beverage with the guys before we broke for the evening.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave. I packed the guys safely away in my suitcase, little realizing the horrors that would await me when we touched down.

Uh oh. These guys have been stuck in my suitcase for the better part of a day, smashed up against my dirty clothes... particularly the stanky socks, rich with the sweat of three days tromping around downtown Seattle. I sure hope they're all ri...

Well, dammit. Sorry guys. I hope your last vacation was as much fun for you as it was for me.

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