First video, images of NBA Live 10

For a long time now, EA Sports’ NBA Live series has fallen short of its counterpart from 2K Sports, NBA 2K, in offering a realistic, fun, bug-free game of basketball. In fact, with almost all of EA Sports’ other major franchises — Madden, NHL, NCAA Football, FIFA — blowing the competition (where there is some) out of the water, it’s strange that Live has lagged in the quality department.

NBA Live 10 developer EA Canada has acknowledged the faults of its series, and though we’ve heard this refrain many times before, they’re promising that this year, Live will be worth playing. To show that they’re serious, they’ve poached one of 2K’s best gameplay guys, Mike Wang, and made him the lead gameplay designer on NBA Live 10.

Above, you can check out the debut trailer for Live 10, which features this year’s Eastern Conference Finals matchup (Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers). The video focuses on the game’s cover athlete, Dwight Howard.

We’ve also got the first six screenshots of the game for your viewing pleasure in the gallery below. For more on NBA Live 10, check out this promising preview from Brian Ekberg on GameSpot’s Sports Beat blog. Look for NBA Live 10 in stores this October.

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