First SSX dev diary makes us sad with no gameplay

Amidst our April Fool’s shenanigans yesterdays, Electronic Arts released the first developer diary for its upcoming SSX. I was excited — as I’m a huge fan of the franchise — to get a first look at the game in action. 

Bad news: no gameplay here. Not a single second of it. As an introductory video for what will likely be a long series of diaries, we just meet some of the devs. We also get a little lesson on how the developers are approaching the game, which boils down to “respecting the lineage of the franchise,” more or less. 

Of course, everyone is a bit perturbed at the gritty trailer and dark screenshots that have been released. While there’s no gameplay in this trailer, we do get a peek at some concept art that makes the game look very, very SSX. Crazy jumps, what appears to be someone grinding on a broken set of railroad tracks… sounds good to me. 


Nick Chester