First-person perspective and Pallet Town in Alien Swarm

As Alien Swarm becomes increasingly popular, we can expect to see an influx of mods. If not, we can hold PC snob Jonathan Ross personally responsible. He wants someone to make a full-blown Diablo clone, and now my expectations are nigh unmeetable. Thanks a lot, J Ross.

The core game is solid, especially considering the price — isn’t the end-of-mission report with dots of all four players flying through the map awesome? — but the potential for user-created projects is what stands out to me. I kind of can’t believe this thing is a free download.

Anyway, to get everyone in the right mindset, we have two videos for you to check out. The first shows how to enable first-person mode in Alien Swarm, which is incredibly easy. The second, shown after the break, is what Pallet Town (of Pokemon fame) looks like in this setting. Random? Yes. Cool? Double yes.

Play Alien Swarm in first person: guide and video [PC Gamer]

Jordan Devore
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