First official images of Advance Wars: Dual Strike 2 scare me (in a good way)

If you baked a huge cake using my favorite video game series of all time as ingredients, Advance Wars would be, like, the chocolate pudding center. It may not be necessary (unlike the Mario eggs and Zelda icing), but, once included, it just makes everything taste so much better.

Okay, that analogy really didn’t make any sense at all. What I was trying to say is that I love the Advance Wars series and am more than ecstatic that a sequel to one of my favorite DS games ever, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, is coming out.

And while these first official screens (which you can check out in the below gallery) don’t really offer that much information about the game, they do look really pretty and prove that the series seems to be growing up.

Replacing the overly cartoonish characters and bright colors are some really dramatic poses and “hardcore” Earth tones. Not a bad creative decision by any means, I am just a little frightened by all the harsh scowls and stormy skies. Lighten up, everyone, it’s just war!

What do you all think? Are you as excited about this game as I am?

[Via Jeuxfrance; thanks, TheGoldenDonut!]

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