First footage of Red Faction’s ‘Demons of the Badlands’ DLC

If I was responsible for designing a walker for Red Faction: Guerrilla, I’m certain it would turn out looking something like the one depicted in the header image. A spike-filled wrecking ball for a hand? You read my mind, Volition.

These screenshots are from the upcoming “Demons of the Badlands” downloadable content for Guerrilla, and what do you know, there’s even a trailer for it too. Details were scant when the August 13-bound DLC was first revealed, but now we have plenty of juicy ones to share.

The add-on takes place 3 years prior to Guerilla‘s storyline, and puts you in control of the Marauders — you know, the guys with super pointy heads? Yeah, them! This of course means plenty of new vehicles, weapons, and locations.

No solid info on the content’s length, but it is going to be 800 Microsoft Points ($9.99 on PlayStation Network) so that should mean a few solid hours.

Apologies for the less-than-stellar video quality. I’m told Viddler has something against the Red Faction series.

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