First Class Trouble will be the next Epic Game Store freebie

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This game seem ‘sus to you?

Epic Games has revealed the identity of the next title that it will be offering up to its users, free of charge, on its digital retail outlet Epic Games Store — Available to all as of January 12, the new freebie is Invisible Walls multiplayer mystery title First Class Trouble.

Launched on PC and PlayStation in November 2021, First Class Trouble sees a literal party of players shipped about a top-tier, highly elite space cruiser — the ISS Alithea. While the guests sip sweet champagne and carouse with the locals, the ship’s A.I. unit, CAIN, goes rogue and decides to shut down the party and its patrons, permanently. Manifesting several lifelike androids known as “Personoids”, CAIN attempts to sabotage the vessel’s mainframe, while our inebriated toffs mount a rebellion n order to identify the Personoids, crush CAIN, and get back to drinking the night away.

From a gameplay standpoint, First Class Trouble sees six players take the roles of guests and/or Personoids, with the former tasked with identifying and ejecting the latter, who themselves must disrupt the ship’s mechanisms without being detected. If this all sounds suspiciously familiar — or should I simply say “‘sus” — then that’s by design, as First Class Trouble is essentially an alternate take on the party mystery genre popularized by InnerSloth’s viral hit Among Us, albeit one sporting a bit more of a “Gatsby” vibe.

First Class Trouble will be available to download from the Epic Games Store from January 12. Until then, you can still pick up current freebies Kerbal Space Program and Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice from the EGS dashboard. First Class Trouble is also available on PlayStation platforms via the PSN store.

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