Firewatch beats Far Cry Primal, Street Fighter V on PSN chart

Best-selling digital PS4 game of February

Last week, Firewatch studio Campo Santo revealed its first game had outsold the team’s, “wildest expectations.” It turns out Firewatch also outsold a couple of last month’s most high-profile games — Far Cry Primal and Street Fighter V — at least on the PlayStation Store.

According to Sony, the story-driven adventure game was the best-selling PlayStation 4 title on the market during the month of February. The company did not provide specific sales information, only that it outsold the competition, including Ubisoft and Capcom’s hot new games.

One could argue Firewatch had an advantage on those titles, being a cheaper digital exclusive that launched earlier in the month than both Far Cry and Street Fighter, but to do that at all, as an independent game with a fraction of the name recognition or marketing budget, is damn impressive.

PlayStation Store: February’s Top Downloads [PlayStation Blog]

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