Fire Emblem Heroes poll results coming tomorrow, 200 Platinum reward rolling out now

They tried harder with this launch than Mario

Super Mario Run kind of came and went after a lot of hype, partially on Apple’s end. But with Fire Emblem Heroes, they’re keeping the good times rolling — and I suspect they’re going to reap the benefits financially from that effort.

Not only have they planned monthly story missions, but they’ve also cross-promoted the game in two of their existing mobile titles, hosted multiple launch events for bonus items, and put up a “choose a character” poll. That poll closed last week, but the results will be revealed tomorrow, and whoever wins will eventually arrive in the game as a guest hero.

If you participated you can grab 200 Platinum Points now by logging into My Nintendo. Although I’m not really blown away by Heroes (I kind of just went back to Fates), if it’s a gateway into the core series for casual or new fans, that works for me.

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