Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn video is boring and exciting at the same time

Fans of Japanese strategy RPGs are such a rare breed, but I know they’re out there (and I’m with you), so this one is for them.

Some may remember my bitching very early this year about our Japanese friends preparing to enjoy the grid-based game play goodness of Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn for the Nintendo Wii. At that time there was no word on a domestic release. Now, even though it’s already October, it’s nice to see some English text in videos of this Wii SRPG. 

To ramp things up for the upcoming November U.S. release, we’re beginning to see some game footage like this gameplay from something called the “Zaitan Battle.” Too much dialogue for a trailer? Check. Too many similar battles for a trailer? Check. Lots of grids and numbers and whatnot? Check.

Honestly, console SRPG fans aren’t a hard-to-please bunch. These GameCube-era cell-shaded graphics and flat screens of dialogue are good enough for most. Hell, just the name Fire Emblem is good enough for most.

[Thanks, Justin]

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