Fire Emblem Engage: Unlocking the amiibo Gazebo and using amiibo

The prodigal gazebo returns!

Fire Emblem Three Houses made use of amiibo figures through the hilariously named “amiibo Gazebo” location, and the same concept is back for Fire Emblem Engage. Here’s where to find the new amiibo Gazebo, and what you can actually earn from it. Spoiler alert: for the most part, its function is once again cosmetic and/or menial.

You’ll unlock the amiibo Gazebo at the start of Chapter 6: it’s located in the orchard

Like many locations in the Somniel hub area, you’ll need to gradually unlock the amiibo Gazebo. Once you’ve started Chapter 6, you’ll be able to walk over to it in the orchard and interact with the literal gazebo to start the process. Visual assistance can be found in the gallery above: just look for the highlighted icon on the minimap (it’s easy to get turned around and miss it).

Note that you can also snatch ingredients from the orchard, so feel free to take a quick moment to pick all of the shining spots for bonus items while you’re there.

Scanning amiibo in Fire Emblem Engage can grant you costumes and new songs

Scanning various non-Fire Emblem amiibo will grant you ingredients/items, and scanning Fire Emblem amiibo will provide you with Fashion Tickets and Music Tickets, to select bonus outfits or songs from the below lists.

Here a sample set of figures that we’ve scanned into the game, to give you an idea of how things shake out:

  • Ike (Fashion Ticket x1, Music Ticket x1)
  • Ryu (Pork x1)
  • Lucina (Fashion Ticket x1, Music Ticket x1)
  • Roy (Fashion Ticket x1, Music Ticket x1)
  • Steve [Minecraft] (Wheat Flour)

You can scan up to five amiibo per day, with a 24 hour reset timer.

Here are a full list of outfit and song rewards from the amiibo Gazebo

Unlockable outfits:

  • Marth Style
  • Celica Style
  • Sigurd Style
  • Leif Style
  • Roy Style
  • Lyn Style
  • Eirika Style
  • Ike Style
  • Micaiah Style
  • Lucina Style
  • Corrin Style
  • Byleth Style

Unlockable songs:

  • Trouble! (Marth)
  • With Mila’s Divine Protection
  • End of the Holy War
  • Let’s Go, Leif!
  • Beneath a New Light (Roy)
  • Wind across the Plains
  • The Devoted
  • Echoes of Daybreak
  • Destiny (Ablaze)
  • End of All (Below)
  • Fodlan Winds
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Here’s a list of every Fire Emblem amiibo made to date

Smash Bros. line Fire Emblem amiibo:

  • Marth
  • Ike
  • Robin (M)
  • Lucina
  • Roy
  • Corrin (M/F)
  • Chrom
  • Byleth

Fire Emblem amiibo:

  • Tiki
  • Chrom
  • Celica
  • Alm

Alternatively, we have a full list (with dates) of every amiibo ever released here.

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