Final Fantasy XV’s Titan boss is the size of a skyscraper

A Final Fantasy XV demo not in the gas station

Trial of Titan, the Titan is testing Noctis and his allies, while an army joins in to create a three-way battle. Getting punched by the Titan’s skyscraper-sized fist is pretty funny. It also drags its entire forearm over the battle field requiring you to shift through it, while also managing spells and elemental weakness in between rocketing up to slash at the Titan’s hands. Some of Noctis’ allies weren’t too great about dodging.

The battle was over pretty quick, but it might’ve started in the middle of things, or just been truncated for an E3 stage show. It culminates in the crew freezing the Titan’s arm and Noctis shattering it.

And, hey, at least they didn’t show the gas station again.

Steven Hansen