Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto VR shooter mode has been canceled

At least we have VR fishing…right?

Originally revealed last year at E3 2016, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XV would be playable in VR, in the form of the “VR Experience.” It was showcased as a first-person lightgun-style mode, in which you play as Prompto (who was sporting a snazzy PlayStation VR headset) and shoot enemies in their weak spots and teleport around the environment.

However, over a year later, Square Enix has confirmed that this “technology demo,” as they put it, will no longer be released to the public and is effectively canceled.

At the time, director Hajime Tabata said:

“It really is something extra to be enjoyed by the people who purchased the game. We’re thinking it’ll probably be a DLC release later for the game, it really is our core belief that we should satisfy the people who buy the game that we’ve made as much as possible; we also want them to play for as long as possible too so it really does help with that–gives them something extra.”

In a statement to GameSpot, Square Enix said: “Since then, we have learned much from the technology and have leveraged our learnings from the Episode Prompto DLC.” Which more or less sounds like they overestimated the technology in PlayStation VR and couldn’t quite achieve what they were aiming for.

On the positive side, PlayStation VR fans still have Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV to look forward too, set to release this September — as well as the new multiplayer expansion in the near future. Personally, I spent an embarrassing amount of time fishing in Final Fantasy XV, so I’d take a VR fishing game over a clunky looking light-gun shooter any day. But what do you think?

Final Fantasy 15’s Prompto VR Shooter Mode Won’t Be Released, Square Enix Confirms [GameSpot]

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