Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Grimalkin location and Hunt guide

Grimalkin hunt in Final Fantasy XVI

A howl of a good time

For the Grimalkin hunt in Final Fantasy XVI, you’ll face a pack of wolves and its leader. As a C-level hunt, don’t expect a lot of difficulty. However, there are a few tricks behind this wolf’s claws you should know.

Here’s how to find the Grimalkin hunt in Final Fantasy XVI and how to beat it.

Final Fantasy XVI Grimalkin hunt location
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Grimalkin location & directions in Final Fantasy XVI (FF16)

You’ll discover Grimalkin in the Dhalmekian Republic, south of the Dalimil Inn, and east of The Jaw. It’s also down the southwest route from The Sickle and west of where you can find the Soul Stingers from The Fields of Corova. Go to The Jaw’s fast travel point and then follow the path until you reach a crossroads. Take the right path and then go right again from The Sickle. Follow the route until you pass some white building ruins. Just past it, you’ll find a pack of Wild Nakks and the red-furred Grimalkin overlooking the scene above.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to reach the Out of the Shadow main quest to unlock this particular hunt.

Grimalkin beaten in Final Fantasy XVI
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How to beat Grimalkin in Final Fantasy XVI

Grimalkin’s fairly easy to deal with, but before you head off on your hunt, make sure to stock up on Potions and High Potions. The battle starts with four waves of pesky Wild Nakks. You should have no problem dealing with them. The Grimalkin itself doesn’t deal much damage when you face it. It swings its tail, causing 100 or so damage. Its claws, however, are a bit more deadly, taking around 300 damage from me. Try to Precision Dodge its strikes as many times as possible. You may even Parry its claws if you’re quick enough.

One of the creature’s most fearsome attacks is Ravage. It charges you with a flurry of attacks, backs away, and then lunges for a final hit. It inflicts around 700-800 damage, so be careful. For a C-class Grimalkin hunt, I didn’t expect to get low on HP so quickly. Other than that, this fight is basic. Just stay alive and take out its health with your best abilities.

Rewards for the Grimalkin hunt

The rewards for the Grimalkin hunt are disappointing when compared to other hunts like the Flan Prince. You get a Grimalkin Hide, 500 experience, 45 Ability Points, and 6,100 Gil. It’s a good thing that this big kitty didn’t have nine lives.

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