Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is coming next month

It’s 10 chapters, the first few are free

I completely forgot about this one, but Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is coming very, very soon. As in, February 9 soon. As a reminder (and if the “pocket” moniker didn’t give it away), it’s slated to arrive on Android and iOS devices as a sort of miniature take on XV proper.

It’ll be spread across 10 chapters, the first two of which are free. The App Store description calls the chibi art “cute and cool,” but I’d be more inclined to just say they’re uniquely weird. Allegedly this edition will tell the entire story of XV, which goes to some dark places at times — so I wonder how they’ll handle the whole chibi thing.

This whole affair is still so bizarre, as this feels like the millionth spinoff or side project relating to XV.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition [Apple Store]

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