The Island Sanctuary has been added to Final Fantasy XIV, here’s how to unlock it

Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary

Oh give me a home, where the chocobo roam

Update 6.2 dropped today for Final Fantasy XIV with an exciting new piece of content, the Island Sanctuary. Nature’s getaway from the worries of the mainland is now open to players, letting you while away the day gathering and crafting.

To get your very own Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV, though, you’ll need to do a few quests. We’ve laid them out in plain steps below, so you can head right to the right blue quest marker.

But before we get there, you’ll need to make sure you’ve checked the right boxes.

Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary requirements

The nice part is that any class, at any level, can access the Island Sanctuary. No need to be a certain class, crafter or gatherer, of any level.

The catch is that you need to have finished the 6.0 Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) content. In layman’s terms, you need to finish Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

There are some tiny story reasons why this is the case, but hey, it’s also good to wrap up that MSQ. It’s a good time!

Unlocking the Island Sanctuary

Once you’re ready to set off, look for a level 1 quest in Old Sharlayan called “Seeking Sanctuary,” being given out by the Clueless Crier (roughly X: 11.9, Y: 11.0).

If you’re doing this on patch drop day, you’ll know what you’re looking for by the crowd gathered. Just chat with the crier to kick things off.

After a conversation, there will be a follow-up with Baldin in Lower La Noscea. Just follow the quest marker and you’re set.

Finish talking with Baldin, and you’ll get the unlock. Speak with him again, and you can set off for your very own Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary.

Once there, you won’t need to worry too much about needing any skills or abilities. All Sanctuary progress is metered out and contained within the island, and you don’t need any new class or anything to start things off.

Just follow your helpful new friend’s instructions, and get to work building your home away from home. Once the Island Sanctuary reaches a certain point, you’ll even be able to have friends over and hang out. Or maybe let your minions roam about the island.

The Island Sanctuary is a pretty cool addition to Final Fantasy XIV that I’ve only just begun exploring. But adding something new to do between raids, roulettes, and more rounds of Triple Triad is already a plus for me.

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