Final Fantasy XIV’s Island Sanctuary mechanic looks like a game-changer

Island Sanctuary

Like, in terms of literal size, this thing is huge

The Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary mechanic, in which players are gifted a huge zone to play around with, looks radder by the update. This newest one comes straight from the game’s official Twitter account, showcasing how gigantic this area is by looking down on it from a grand mountain, then swooping down on it.

The only requirement for unlocking the Island Sanctuary is completing the Endwalker (6.0) main story (MSQ)

While the sequence for the Island Sanctuary is really brief in the official 6.2 trailer above (it’s at roughly 20 seconds in), the below tweet gives us a lot more to work with.

Operating a lot like a player housing zone (but not quite, as there’s no traditional housing there), the Island Sanctuary will have independent controls and menu options, and serve as a relaxing respite between dungeon dives. It’s framed heavily after farming simulators, with crops to manage, and the ability to drop minions on your island.

All of this will arrive on August 23, when Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 is live. That’s just one day away from the massive Genshin Impact 3.0 update. It’ll be a busy week! Long-term games like these are doing a good job keeping up on updates to help with some of the delay droughts.

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