Final Fantasy XIV is running a free login campaign for June 2022

Final Fantasy free login

It ends on June 30

Square Enix, like many other subscription-based MMO purveyors, occasionally dips into promos to get people to play Final Fantasy XIV, and another one is here. The Final Fantasy free login campaign starts today (it began at 1AM PT technically), and will run all the way through June 30 at 7:59AM PT.

As usual, there’s some provisos. To be eligible, you needed to have previously bought and registered (the second point is salient, it can’t be sitting in a closet somewhere), your service account needs to be inactive (without a sub), and you needed to have been inactive for “at least 30 days.” If all of that is true, you can log back into the game and play. For a limited period of time.

Yep, note the second proviso! The login period begins “four days including the day on which users first log in.” That period will unilaterally end on the “fourth login day” at 11:59PM PT. This starts after you login, not when you zone in and start doing something, so make it count.

As long as you’re aware of the eligibility and the login restrictions, you should be fine. Just maybe do it on a lazy Thursday/Friday so you have the entire weekend to spare! My advice: use this Final Fantasy free login period to potentially finish up wherever you left off on the main story quest (MSQ). This will ensure that you’re ready to fully embrace whatever the new content is when you decide to re-subscribe in earnest again.

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