Final Fantasy XIV fixed the grapes

Final Fantasy XIV grapes 4

‘The polygon count of grapes in Labyrinthos were reduced’

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker‘s new 6.01 patch is out, and the new raid is probably the most relevant part of it. Or the grapes, in certain circles. Yep, the Final Fantasy XIV grapes in the Labyrinthos zone of the game (one of the initial new areas) were a bit wonky at launch in terms of their poly count, and it led to all sorts of jokes, to the point of even being recognized by the game’s official Twitter account.

Here’s the full patch notes where Square Enix explains-away the grapes:

“An issue wherein the polygon count of grapes in Labyrinthos were reduced in excess to alleviate system memory usage in the area. They have been adjusted to be comparable to those found at the Crystarium.”

It makes sense! While I didn’t even notice them during my playthrough, once people did, they stuck out like a sore thumb in an otherwise gorgeous game. Anything they can do to smooth this game world over is a plus.

If you’ve never seen them before, you can visit them in their remade glory in Labyrinthos X29.9 – Y 18.8, or check out the new grapes in the gallery below. Twitter user chrissyxchi also managed to get a comparison shot:

Final Fantasy XIV grapes gallery:

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