FF XIV’s new bunny ear emote gets weird for Viera players

FFXIV Loporrits bunny ear emotes

Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Patch 6.35 is live for Final Fantasy XIV, adding a bevy of content that includes tribal quests for the beloved Loporrits. But while XIV‘s bunny ear wiggle emote is mostly a fun little gesture for players, the buns among us seem to be a bit weirded out.

The new emote Ear Wiggle, or /earwiggle, is a reward for reaching Rank 8 with the Loporrits, a pretty hefty achievement to accomplish. When used, it lets the player spawn a pair of their own bunny ears and make them do a little wiggle.

For Viera, who already have bunny ears, this can look a bit jarring, as those crawling through the update have already found.

Granted, these achievements usually take a pretty fair amount of time to accomplish, so there’s still time for the team at Square Enix to take a look at the emote before the wide populace can start using it around the Limsa Aetheryte.

Still, it’s left some Viera players feeling a bit disappointed in the outcome. Given the artwork from the 2023 new year celebration, which featured Viera doing the Loporrit emote with their own Viera ears alongside the smaller bunnies.

Wishing on the rabbit’s foot

I do get the disappointment. I’m an Au’Ra player, and I’d be bummed if some sort of draconic emote didn’t lean into those aspects of my Warrior of Light. But as an Au’Ra player, I’ve also seen the ways in which the cosmetic portions of characters can create general weirdness.

Viera are the case-in-point, as headgear for the bunny-styled characters has been a sticking point. The four ears of the bun-pocalypse is indeed haunting though, and so part of me does hope the buns get an emote they’d like.

If you want to start grinding for your own set of bunny ears, you’ll need to get to work on your Loporrit quests in Final Fantasy XIV. Turn-ins don’t turn themselves in, you know.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter