Final Fantasy XIII: we’re still good for 2009, hour-long demo in movie

I’m looking forward to my copy of the Japanese Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete for many reasons. For one, there are new scenes. And it’s shiny and high-def. Oh, and there’s an English voice track. But what I really want is the included Final Fantasy XIII demo.

The latest issue of Famitsu has an interview with game director/writer Motomu Toriyama and character designer Nao Ikeda. Kotaku says that they say that this demo is over an hour long and totally replayable. I can’t wait!

And as far as the rumored delays of the game go, it seems that the related delay of Dragon Quest XI hasn’t messed anything up. Toriyama said that “development is going favorably for a 2009 launch.” 

We don’t know when in 2009, but at least it will be this year.

Dale North