Final Fantasy VII Remake will debut Shinra at TGS: I hope we get all the theme songs

You can hear them

When I say “Shinra,” a bunch of sounds probably pop into your head. Maybe it’s any one of the fantastic themes below. Or maybe it’s the blue Turk suit, or Rufus’ shiny white outfit. Either way, we’re getting more Shinra goodness at TGS when Square Enix reveals more info on the organization for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Famitsu notes that Tetsuya Nomura will unveil Shinra characters at TGS, showcase a life-sized Buster Sword. That’s not a lot of info to go on right now, and it could even be a single frame of artwork (I’m hoping for a video), but it’s something. Maybe we’ll get a Red XIII tease (an eye opening at the end or something) since he was housed within Shinra Headquarters.

The first part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is due in March 2020, which isn’t too far away, but Square Enix is insisting on this drip-feed marketing campaign. I’ll roll with it! I just want to play the thing at this point and six months is not a long ask.

Final Fantasy VII Remake [Famitsu via Gematsu]

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