Final Fantasy XIV is holding another Callback Campaign for lapsed players

How many friends will players get to return to Eorzea?

To encourage inactive players to return to Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix is hosting a Callback Campaign again. These occur now and again as an incentive for any who bounced off to return with encouragement from friends. This one begins today, November 8, and ends on December 14, 2023.

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In FFXIV, Callback Campaigns work by having an active player invite a friend to return. These can be anyone from a free company or a player on the friends list.

Assuming the invited player accepts the invitation and returns, both parties receive a few benefits. Players who send the invitation receive five Gold Chocobo Feathers. Players use these to obtain dyes and mounts like the dragon Twintania.

Those who return to Eorzea play free for 14 days and also receive 99 Aetheryte Tickets for free fast travel. They also get 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers, which are good to exchange for two pieces of new gear.

Some restrictions do apply. The most notable is that lapsed players need to be inactive for 90 days. Another is that players sending invitations can only receive their reward once, meaning even if multiple friends accept an invitation, the sender still only receives five Gold Chocobo Feathers. Square Enix even recommends participating in other programs to gain more feathers.

For anyone who has an active FFXIV membership and wants an old friend to return, this could be a good incentive, especially with some additional rewards. Two free weeks to catch up with FFXIV’s patch content also doesn’t sound like a bad deal for lapsed players because while FFXIV is wonderful, subscription fees add up over time.

It’s why, despite loving the MMO, I haven’t played for roughly two years. Hopefully, players like me who are invited use this as a perfect opportunity to jump in and squeeze all they can from the free weeks.

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