Final fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Beach Festival event guide

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Beach Festival event guide

Conquer the Beach Festival event optimally with our guide.

The first Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis event is here, and it’s summer-themed. The Beach Festival event comes with a new Featured Draw banner, seasonal solo and co-op missions, and plenty of rewards including a Beach Parasol weapon for Zack. We’ve created this Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Beach Festival event guide to help you decide where to spend your time—and energy—in this event. The event lasts 18 days in total and will end on September 28 at 6:59 p.m. PDT.

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Should you pull on the new Beach Festival Tifa and Red XIII banner?
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As always with a Gacha game, how you choose to spend your draws is up to you. You want to build around the specific loadout you primarily plan to use. However, the intent of this guide is to highlight our opinion on what you should do.

Beach Festival Banner Stamps

Unlike the original Featured Draw banner, the new one has three pages instead of two. A weapon for Tifa and Red XIII is available via stamps, as well as a beach-themed costume for each. At 18 stamps you get another 5-star guaranteed ticket, and at 30 stamps a 4-star guaranteed ticket.

Red XIII Seaside Collar weapon details

So far Red XIII hasn’t been too popular, however, that may change with this weapon. The Seaside Collar C. Ability is Power Fang, which at its base deals 320% Phys. Non-elem. damage to a single enemy. It also decreases the Thunder Resist. of the enemy with a mid potency. Finally, it applies Regen to Red XIII as well. Power Fang actually synergizes extremely well with the previous Featured Draw banner. More specifically, Cloud’s Mursamame weapon which deals Thunder damage. The Seaside Collar essentially turns Red XIII into a support character that can further increase Cloud’s damage.

Tifa Lifeguard Wraps weapon details

Tifa’s new weapon, Lifeguard Wraps, essentially makes her a healer. The Lifeguard Wraps C. Ability is Healing Waves, which at its base casts a magic heal on all allies, healing 38% of their HP. At its max tier, Healing Waves will heal for 54% of HP. Even though it’s nice to see some added build viability to Tifa, this weapon just isn’t as good as Aerith’s Fairy Tale weapon. Fairy Tale gives the C. Ability Curaga, which at its max tier heals all allies for 74%. Therefore, unless you have some specific niche build in mind that involves Tifa as a healer, I’d recommend not worrying about the Lifeguard Wraps.

Red XIII Seaside Aloha costume details

Red XIII’s Seaside Aloha costume definitely looks cool. From a useability standpoint, the R. Abilities provided by the costume are decent. With the Seaside Aloha costume, you will get Boost HP +10 pt and Boost PATK +10 pt. The HP is always nice, especially if you build Red XIII as a support character. And this character won’t be your primary damage dealer, the boosted PATK can help increase your overall damage.

Tifa Lifeguard costume details

Let me start by stating the obvious: this doesn’t look like any lifeguard costume I’ve ever seen. However, it is a pretty cute Tifa costume. The intent of this costume from a gameplay perspective is to synergize with her new Lifeguard Wraps weapon. This costume grants Boost HP +10 pt and Boost HEAL +10 pt. Once again, while the Lifeguard Wraps make Tifa a healer, it doesn’t make her a good one.

Should you do Solo or Co-op missions for the Watermelon Tonberry encounter during the Beach Festival event?
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Should you do Solo or Co-op missions for the Watermelon Tonberry encounter during the Beach Festival event?

So the short answer here is both. There are some hefty first clear rewards for each stage of both the Solo and Co-op Watermelon Tonberry encounters. Therefore, you want to try and complete each stage at least once before the event is over. Keep in mind that while Stage 15 and Stage 16 of the Solo encounters cost zero energy, that’s because they do not give rewards after the first clear.

Completing each stage at least once will get you a nice chunk of Blue Crystals but also several five-star Beach Parasol weapons for Zack. For clearing Stage 16 of the solo encounter you’ll also get a cool Watermelon Ace icon, though it doesn’t increase your power in any way.

Once you have cleared every stage you probably want to farm the Co-op Watermelon Tonberry Stage 4. In my experience, this gives the most Huge Mega Watermelons, Lifesavers, Grindstone Chunks, and even experience. The recommended power for this encounter is 34,000 on a solo character, though you can obviously do it with less if you have a friend who can offset the difference.

What should you spend your Watermelons and Lifesavers on during the Beach Festival event?
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What should you spend your Watermelons and Lifesavers on during the Beach Festival event?

As you will see when visiting the Beach Festival event exchange, there are plenty of rewards for this event. The first thing you will want to spend your Watermelons on is the Beach Parasol weapon for Zack. You can purchase six of these total via Watermelons, and you will want all of them. The first one costs 50 Watermelons and then the cost increases after each purchase with the final costing 600 Watermelons. These six Beach Parasols, combined with the ones obtained via missions, will allow you to enhance the weapon to a 15-star variant. This early into Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will more than likely make the Beach Parasol the most powerful weapon you can obtain, simply because you can easily make it a 15-star weapon.

After getting all the Beach Parasols, you will want to get all 10 Gacha Draw Tickets which cost 30 Watermelons each. From there, spend your Watermelons obtaining as many Zack and Tifa memories as you can, prioritizing whichever character you use the most.

As for your Lifesavers, you will want to grab Zack’s exclusive Tropical Beach outfit first. Not only does this sick costume show off Zack’s abs, but it also gives him Boost HP +8 pt and Boost MDEF +8 pt. Paired with the 15-star Beach Parasol, Zack immediately becomes a beefy tank you can slot into any build. The costume will cost you 500 Lifesavers, but it is worth it.

Hopefully this Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Beach Festival event guide helps you decide where to spend your time, energy, Watermelons, and Lifesavers during the event. If anything updates

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