The Gong cha x Final Fantasy XIV promotion, rewarding the Porxie King mount
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FFXIV: The Porxie King mount will soon be up for grabs by players worldwide

Go get that pig!

Back in 2021, Final Fantasy XIV held a Japan exclusive promotion with Lawson, allowing players to get their hands on a rather porky mount in exchange for purchasing products from Lawson grocery stores. Now, the Porxie King mount will be available to everyone, in exchange for some tea. 

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If you live anywhere near a Gong cha, you might want to head out and purchase some tea or waffles between July 17 and August 28. In exchange for purchasing three items from the special FFXIV themed menu in one transaction, you’ll be able to get your hands on the until-now elusive Porxie King mount. 

He’ll be sort of familiar to anyone who has ventured into Il Mheg, as we’ve come face to face with another Porxie, Mother Porxie, during Matoya’s Relict. The little pig comes complete with a small crown atop his porky head and huge ears, which presumably help him when it comes to flying us around any map. 

It’s nice to see previously region locked items being put up for grabs by those who couldn’t previously get their hands on them. Coming from someone in the EU, I’m happy to wait for items as long as I have some hope of eventually getting them. 

Sadly, the nearest Gong cha to me is 50 miles away which is far from ideal, but I will be hopping on a train to get some tea. And I don’t even like tea, so if anyone is in Nottingham and wants free tea, hit me up.

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