FF VII: Advent Children Blu-ray dated for America

Square-Enix’s “whoring of Final Fantasy VII” celebration all began with this little beauty, and it can be yours on Blu-ray this June 2. The movie sequel to the classic game will cost you $38.96, and will come packed with a truckload of features.

Re-recorded with the original voice cast, Advent Children Complete brings twenty-six minutes of fresh footage to the table, a new anime short called “On the Way to a Smile – Episode: Denzel” and a whole other bunch of extras including a featurette, documentary and storyline digest. 

Unfortunately, Square Enix’s stance on releasing the playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII with Complete has not changed. Apparently, the Xbox 360 has RUINED it again, with Squeenix claiming that because the game is released on both 360 and PS3 in the West, only Japan may have the demo. That is not logical in the least, but there you go. 

Anybody picking it up next month? 

Jim Sterling