FemShep will appear on the Mass Effect 3 CE box art

While the majority of players are perfectly content rolling with male Shepard — he’s undeniably become the face of Mass Effect from a marketing standpoint — it seems like everyone who gives the awesomely nicknamed FemShep a try can’t go back. That’s just the power of Jennifer Hale’s performances.

BioWare marketing director David Silverman has brought good news for fans of Hale. Via Twitter, he says that male Shepard and female Shepard will appear on the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition box, side by side. Additionally, FemShep is to receive her own trailer leading up to the game’s release.

So yeah, that’s nice to hear. How many of you play as FemShep, by the way?

FemShep Will Be on CE Box Art, Get Her Own Trailer Thanks to Fans [The Border House]

Jordan Devore
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