Fat DS signed by Shig up for grabs if you have an equally fat savings to spend

Considering that my DS is probably the most-played console in my house, I obviously have a soft spot for it, and I’ve certainly been known to drip saliva on some of the rarer DS I’ve seen in the field. I’m not that into autographs, so I don’t think this one would do much for me personally, but the hardest of hardcore Nintendo fanboys ought to sit up and take notice.

This pure white DS was signed by Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 in 2005, where the seller won it in some sort of contest. The starting bid is $760, and it clearly has a higher reserve price as is indicated on the auction page.

Is Shig’s signature worth so much in your mind that you would shell out this much dough for it? Also, is it just me or does that part at the end look like a pair of tits with a crucifix on top of them?

Colette Bennett