Fastest growing console in US: Xbox 360

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People are still buying Xbox 360s! I bought my Xbox 360 when Dead Rising was first shown off, waaaaay back in the day. Remember that? And that was it. I’ve since had a replacement (RROD two years ago) and a kind Xbox 360 S gift from the fine folks at Microsoft during E3 this year, but I’ve never had to purchase another console.

Everyone else is: Sales of the 360 are up 34 percent to date this year. That makes 3.5 million Xbox 360s sold this year in the US. It’s been the top-selling console for five months in a row now, according to NPD. 

What’s the deal? Is it the new Halo? Kinect? The sexy new redesign of the console? Oprah? I bet its a combination of all of these factors and more. GamesIndustry says that sales are up 30 percent in October alone. With the new Call of Duty just being released and more people learning about Kinect, Microsoft is going to have a great holiday season as well.

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