Far Cry 3 boasts ‘ten times’ the scale of Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 was a pretty big game, full of zebras and guns that jammed every two minutes. Far Cry 3 isn’t going to be happy with matching that experience — it wants to make it even bigger.

“If you look at the vistas and the scale of Far Cry 1 and 2, take that and multiply it by ten,” said Ubisoft’s Jason VandenBerghe in Edge magazine. “We want to take that even further. We’re focusing on taking that scale and making it dense, so that around every corner there’s something to find or see.

“That’s a key in open-world experiences. We ask ourselves: if there wasn’t anyone to shoot in the game, could it still be fun?”

Ten times the scale of Far Cry 2? That’s the definition of insanity right there. Ha ha, that is a joke from E3. 

Far Cry 3: Ubisoft boasts ten times the scale of Far Cry 1 and 2 [Beefjack]

Jim Sterling