Fantasy Life i has been delayed into 2024

The life fantastic will have to wait.

Fantasy Life i

Level-5 has quite the lineup of games in store, but it’s taking some extra time for at least one of them. The studio has confirmed that Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time is being pushed into 2024.

The team says it’s pushing the Switch game back to ensure Fantasy Life i is released “in better quality to everyone.” No firm release date for next year’s been set, but we’ll be hearing about it soon. Level-5 is holding another Vision 2023 event later this month on November 29, where it plans to announce the new release date for Fantasy Life i.

What’s ahead for Level-5

Considering a number of Level-5’s other projects are all still labeled 2023—and we’re running out of 2023 with each day that passes—I wouldn’t be surprised to see some other windows shift. If anything’s left to launch this year, there’s not a lot of time left.

That said, this reinvigorated Level-5 is exciting to see come together. While the studio’s been largely working on properties like Ni no Kuni and Yo-Kai Watch for the last few years, they’ve now got a hefty lineup of both familiar and fresh games. One in particular, Decapolice, has really caught my eye, and reportedly looked good at Tokyo Game Show 2023.

My hope is that Level-5 gets the time to comfortably make what they want to. This studio produces some wild, wonderful worlds that are a blast to explore, and both Fantasy Life i and its other games look really intriguing. We’ll hopefully learn more about Level-5’s docket moving forward at the end of the month.

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