Fantasian Part Two arrives this Friday


Turns out “almost done” was closer than you might have expected

Last week, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi said the second part of Fantasian was almost done. Turns out, “almost done” was sooner than you might have guessed.

Today, Mistwalker announced (via IGN) that Fantasian Part 2 arrives this Friday, Aug. 13. You can check out a trailer for the next part of the RPG below:

This update will add “between 40 and 60 hours” of new quest-driven content, as well as 34 new tracks from Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. As Sakaguchi previously said, this part is expected to be approximately double the size of the first half of Fantasian.

The update will also add some new features, like swapping party members in and out of battle, as well as an expanded character Growth Map.

Fantasian went live earlier this year on Apple Arcade. Its incredible visuals mix video game graphics with dioramas, creating a really stunning look to the game. Fantasian also uses a battle system called “Dimengeon Battle,” where you can collect monsters in order to fight them all in a row.

It’s a pretty interesting-sounding RPG, though those of us without an Apple phone or device are still left waiting for Fantasian and its part two to head to other platforms. Hopefully the addition of a second part means there’s more news on the horizon for this RPG, similar to other Apple Arcade launches in the past.

For Apple Arcade players though, you’ll have a lot of new RPG to look forward to when Fantasian Part Two launches this Friday, Aug. 13.

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