Fan project Pokemon Prism is dead, long live Pokemon Prism

Another cease and desist

This year hasn’t been kind to Nintendo fan games. Project AM2R was killed, as was Uranium, which were both high profile re-imaginings of the Metroid and Pokemon universe respectively. Due to the latter’s popularity there’s a lot of projects out there, and yet another one has been delivered a cease and desist letter from Nintendo. Yes folks, Pokemon Prism, a work in progress ROM hack, is officially dead.

The game’s creator (Koolboyman) broke the news over on Twitter, and even shared a copy of the letter, which you can read for yourself here. The official trailer, among many other looks at the project, garnered close to 1.5 million views, so there were a lot of eyes on it. While Nintendo doesn’t seem to normally target ROM hacks, this situation seems very real, and as the creator himself put it on Twitter, he’s “not allowed to do anything with Pokemon again.”

He’s working on other options, like potentially changing the name and passing it off to someone else, but for now, the project is in limbo.

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